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Jimmy Carrane

Jimmy Carrane is currently teaching in Chicago, as well as running Improv Nerd, an excellent improv blog and podcast. find more information on all things Jimmy Carrane at

[Jimmy gave me a wonderfully detailed and informational extended interview on the evolution and history of improvisational theater from his point of view. when that's done and posted, i'll link to it here. part 1 is live here, but part 2 will have to wait till my vimeo limit resets, so next week.]



Rachael Mason

Rachael Mason is currently the head of advanced improvisation at the Second City Training Center in Chicago. she also regularly performs with The Boys, teaches improvisation workshops around the world, and stars in "I'Mprovinsg Right",  a satirical web series on improve instruction.


Nick Johne

 Nick Johne is currently a teacher at The Second City Training Center in Chicago, and performs occasionally around town.