disclaimer: if you are the subject of one of these interviews and you do not want it posted here, please email me and let me know. i will take it down, no questions asked. [phinkasaurus at gmail dot com]


Jenni Lamb

Why Improv? Jenni Lamb from why improv on Vimeo.

Jenni Lamb now lives and works in the Chicago area. if i get updated performer info, i'll add it here.


Ben Johnson

Why Improv? Ben Johnson from why improv on Vimeo.


Ben Johnson lives in Chicago, but i don't have any more information than that. i'll add more when i hear about it!


Duncan Gale

Duncan is living on the west coast and (i believe) performs stand up comedy. if i get updated info, i will add it here.


Rebecca Grossman

Rebecca currently performs, lives, and works in chicago. She is also the executive producer & founder of the non-profit Chicago Ladies in Comedy.


Jeff Hedges

Jeff Hedges is a mystery. when i find updated info, i will update this post.