disclaimer: if you are the subject of one of these interviews and you do not want it posted here, please email me and let me know. i will take it down, no questions asked. [phinkasaurus at gmail dot com]


Duncan Gale

Duncan is living on the west coast and (i believe) performs stand up comedy. if i get updated info, i will add it here.


Rebecca Grossman

Rebecca currently performs, lives, and works in chicago. She is also the executive producer & founder of the non-profit Chicago Ladies in Comedy.


Jeff Hedges

Jeff Hedges is a mystery. when i find updated info, i will update this post.


Jimmy Carrane

Jimmy Carrane is currently teaching in Chicago, as well as running Improv Nerd, an excellent improv blog and podcast. find more information on all things Jimmy Carrane at

additionally, Jimmy gave me a wonderfully detailed extended interview on the evolution and history of improvisational theater from his point of view. i have included it unedited for those interested. [part 1]  [part 2]